How to paint a Brick Fireplace to look like Stone

You can change your room just by painting a brick fireplace to look like beautiful and natural stone. The unpleasant, irregular surface of red or yellow brick requires some thinking ahead about strategies and materials. And since your main goal is improve the appearance of your own fireplace, you should approach the task with a good fashioner’s eye, considering the various different tones and shadows present in natural stone. With layering strategies, great supplies and an understanding of how your brick will react to paint, your marvelous fireplace will be a valuable addition to the room. You and all your guests in the future will pay attention to the transformation of the room, apartment or house as a whole. They probably don’t even understand right away exactly what changes have occurred in the room where there is a “new” fireplace.

how to paint a brick fireplace to look like stone

It’s hard to believe it, but in our photo you really see the fireplace, which used to be from an ordinary ugly red brick. Now we will tell you how to transform your fireplace beyond recognition.

The first step – Assessment

An important initial step is a careful examination of your fireplace. Search for big cracks and chips the profound ones may be too hard to find. In the event that you have any dampness in the mortar, have it sealed before painting. Gauge the durability of the brick milder, progressively permeable brick marked with indentations will react uniquely in contrast to a harder, smoother brick. Attempt to decide the age of your brick. In the event that it is new, it ought not be painted at all: new brick requires at least a year to dry and leach. More established brick may be increasingly acidic and cause paint to fade. Test out paint of your fireplace in a shrouded area.
fireplaces brick repair

The second step is prepare the best Materials

The provisions you need rely upon your strategy. You could purchase a brick-painting kit- for example, Brick Anew – that incorporates all materials and directions. If not, the most important choice is the sort of paint you will utilize. Latex gives great coverage, yet it could strip away from certain kinds of brick. Get a sample and test it out first. Another approach is to paint the brick with a preliminary intended for masonry – Loxon by Sherwin-Williams is one example – and then use acrylic or latex over it. You can also utilize a paint and groundwork combination and skirt the extra work associated with preparing. You will want two contrasting shades of paint so as to achieve the natural stone impact – perhaps a grayish and a light gray.
fireplace color ideas
You can also experiment and make your own fireplace in bright and light colors maybe closer to white. It all depends on what style your room or house is in. The gray colors of the fireplace match the loft style. Light colors are more suitable for a room in a classic style, modern or minimalism. Think carefully before you start painting the fireplace yourself. Since this is quite painstaking work, which will take a lot of time and effort.
refacing brick fireplace with stone
So all you need to paint a fireplace:
  • rubber gloves
  • brush
  • big and small paint rollers
  • trays
  • tape and wipes
  • good sponge
  • Brick Anew (or Loxon by Sherwin-Williams with acrylic or latex over it)
gray stone fireplace

The third step is Painting the Base

As we said, you can go in the easiest way and use Brick Anew and red brick fireplaces will look like stone. Or you can clean the brick with trisodium phosphate (TSP) before painting. On the off chance that you choose to prime, move on two coats. Prior to putting on the primary application of paint, measure the size of your bricks and cut a couple of cellulose or craft wipes to fit exactly, short the mortar. At this point, you should choose what your natural stone impact will resemble. On the off chance that you want light gray bricks with grayish mortar, at that point use grayish as the base. Apply the base paint with a roller, making sure that each cleft is coated. Utilize a brush to fill in difficult spots. Alternately, you could utilize a paint sprayer for this. Allow the paint to dry for 12 to 24 hours.

painting stone fireplace

And the last step -Painting the Stone Effect of the fireplace

modern brick fireplace So, You should to apply the natural stone surface to the base layer. Empty your contrasting paint into a big tray. Wet the brick-sized wipes with water and squeeze them out. Have a few wipes – all made from the same material – on your hand. Plunge a wipe delicately into the paint tray and press it on a cardboard analyzer. You can experiment with various levels of pressure. You must use the sponge on a brick. Make sure to stay inside the brick boundaries – don’t wander away or you will paint the mortar and ruin the effect. On the off chance that you make a mistake, wipe it away immediately. Stamp each brick in the fireplace, utilizing various wipes and levels of weight. Try not to stress if a portion of the base layer appears on the other side – that should happen. You will see the wonderful stone effect emerge as your hard work.

Of course, you notice how the red brick fireplace transforms after changing its color. In this case, you do not need to redo it, but you just need to paint it and your beautiful house will be completely transformed.

Sometimes repainting a fireplace, the owners even think about how to redo the repair in the room! So we wish you to easily turn the old brick fireplace into a beautiful “stone”.

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