Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – House Tour Before and After

And of course about the fireplace in the house of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The personal life of the Karadashian-West family is known to fans in great detail. However, the stars of the reality show never showed outsiders their own mansion. 38-year-old Kim Kardashian made an exception for the first time.

kim kardashian west house

Kim became the heroine of the traditional Vogue video interview, during which the stars invite journalists to their home and briefly answer 73 questions.

The door was opened by spouse Kim 41-year-old rapper Kanye West (Kanye West). He even volunteered to answer the necessary questions, but Kim did not allow. The model sent him to his son and daughters. However, the family soon reunited: the star of the television show gave part of the interview sitting on the bed with children and her husband. Kanye has been playing with the one-year-old Chicago all this time.

During the interview, Kardashian admitted that she spends on Instagram only 30 minutes a day and never looks in direct. She said that her favorite part of life is to be a mother and listen to the children say they love her. Kanye confirmed the words of his wife, saying: “Family is everything.”

Designers of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West new house

Kim gave a tour of the Hidden Hills mansion.  Strict mansion designed by Axel Vervoordt. Kanye crossed paths with him at antique fairs in Venice and Maastricht. Initially, the musician’s interest was attracted by one of his canonical objects – the Floating Stone table with rounded edges, combining the attractive simplicity and aesthetics of wabi sabi. “When I first saw his work, I thought:“ This person could build a house for Batman. ” I have to work with him, ”Kanye recalls. “It was the whole thing – to persuade Axel to come to Calabasas to remake our castle – and that’s exactly what the house looked like then.”

kim kardashian house 2019

“I am far from the world of pop culture, from the world of rap. But in Kanye and Kim I found soul mates. We have common values, and these are very important universal values, such as respect for beauty and faith in the spiritual nature of art, ”says the designer. – You can call it a religion, but perhaps it is something more – a search for comprehensive values, peace and positive energy. We had very deep conversations about how our consciousness works and about the importance of inner silence. ”

From these conversations, the plan for the reconstruction of the house was born, which Vervoordt himself calls distillation. “Kanye and Kim wanted a complete upgrade. We spoke not about decoration, but about philosophy – about how we live and how we will live in the future. We changed the house, making it simpler, with each step we simplified it more and more, ”the designer explains.

“Kanye and I share a love of natural colors. I like simplicity. There is too much chaos in the outside world. I like that I come home and immediately feel peaceful, ”says Kim, who actually has her own view on the uncompromising minimalism that prevails here. “Kanye sometimes had completely crazy ideas, and I kept saying:“ No, that won’t work, we need storage cabinets. ” So I was the voice of functionality. ”

kardashian house kitchen inside

In practice, this resulted in a radical change in the design of rooms, the walls of which are now covered with off-white plaster. “Proportions are the main decoration of space,” Kanye believes. As for the furniture, it is minimized here.

The space is filled with natural light, which enhances the snow-white finish of the walls and floor. Furniture is a minimum, but among the items there is a sofa designed by Jean Royère and a 637 Utrecht armchair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld: the iconic 1935 model produced by Cassina. White color and light wood prevail here. She showed a spacious bedroom with a large double bed and a bedside table with books lying on it. Italian cuisine Оfficine gullo with metal facades is distinguished by a capacious island. The decor element is open shelves with dishes, black and white, as well as living plants.

As it turned out, in the Kardashian-West house everything was done in light colors: beige, lilac and white. There are no unnecessary things in it; strict order reigns everywhere. “Minimalism, like in a monastery,” Kim explained this style. However, you will have to work hard to find a monastery in which there are such large rooms and so many windows.

Kardashian first became the heroine of the May issue of Vogue magazine. In an interview with the famous American gloss, the reality show star spoke about her husband’s mental illness and that the pills no longer help him.

Surely you are wondering: what is it like to raise four children in such an environment? But Kim and Kanye argue that the house is perfect for this. And not only because playrooms and children’s bedrooms still look more traditional than “adult” rooms. “The kids drive down the halls on their scooters and ride on Axel’s coffee tables, as if it’s a scene,” Kanye says. Kim adds: “We are not shaking over the interior. We are not fanatics. ”

Although Kanye claims that the house is “ninety percent Axel”, several other eminent architects participated in the work on it. The minimalist Claudio Silvestrin, who designed the Manhattan loft, where Kanye lived before meeting Kim, this time was responsible for the decor of the huge bathroom. Vincent Van Duysen helped shape the interior of the living room. A studio Wirtz International Landscape Architects was engaged in the garden.

And as we promised, photographs of Kim Kardashian’s house before the renovation. Which interior do you like longer – before or after?

Kardashian’s house before

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