How to clean Brick Fireplace

The fireplace in any living room is a stylish decoration of the room. It is the main attribute of the interior in modern and country style. But this detail is often decorated with modern interiors. If you like to watch a live fire and there is a brick fireplace in your house, it means that from time to time you have to decide how to clean the fireplace from soot.
Currently, there are many professional tools for cleaning fireplaces from soot. However, we want to draw your attention to the fact that fireplaces can be cleaned using ordinary household items. They will also quickly and safely be able to clean your fireplace from soot and restore its previous appearance.

how to clean a brick fireplace

Before you do any scouring, expel all ashes with a dustpan and spot them in a strong pack. Clear out any outstanding trash and catch up with the brush attachment on your vacuum (and remember to clean the brush attachment a short time later — you would prefer not to spread ash around the remainder of your home!).

Big towel or kneeling board will come in handy. And it’s a smart thought to put on gloves, a face cover, and defensive eyewear to prevent the soot from disturbing your lungs and skin.

I tried three natural cleansers on my old fireplace and need to state that I was generally intrigued with a straightforward paste made with water and cream of tartar. The water spray and vinegar did good job, yet didn’t yield as incredible an outcome as I would have preferred, and I spent a lot of time cleaning my big fireplace. The baking soda and detergent paste worked pretty much also, however again took a great deal of cleaning on my part.

cleaning brick fireplaces

But I’ll tell you everything in order. And I’ll start with the simplest means that every person has in the house.

How to clean a Brick Fireplace – with Ordinary Household Items

  1. The Vinegar and Water spray

You will need:

  • scrub brush
  • rubber gloves
  • warm water in a spray bottle
  • vinegar

Water and white vinegar (9%) taken in equal proportions help clean the fireplace from soot. First, scrape off the soot from the walls of the fireplace, which is easily cleaned from masonry. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and apply it on the sooty surface of the fireplace. After a few minutes, apply a second layer of your cleanser, and until it has time to dry, brush in circular motions from top to bottom (so that leaks do not form), clean the bricks. The same method is also suitable for cleaning fireplace glass. But to get a tangible effect, it is better to add ammonia to the solution. It is not so easy to clean the fireplace from soot and it will take you a lot of time for this.


2. Baking Soda and Dish Detergent also help you to clean fireplace

You will need:

  • your scrub brush
  • rubber gloves (for safety)
  • detergent/dish soap
  • baking soda

Soot is an oily substance, and soda saves from greasy stains. Mix it with a dishwashing liquid until a cleaning paste is obtained (2-3 tablespoons of  your dish soap and 1/2 cup of baking soda). Sponge this paste on the sooty areas of the fireplace. Make sure that it lies evenly and there are no drips. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse the paste with warm water and wipe it dry. If the fireplace is heavily sooty, the procedure will have to be repeated.

3. Use Cream of Tartar and Water

You will need:

  • your scrub brush
  • cream of tartar
  • small amount of water:)

One of the most effective simple and quick ways to clean soot from a fireplace glass and brick walls of a fireplace is a paste made from tartar cream and water.

The cream is called white powder, which is made from tartar. Outwardly, it looks like baking soda. It is often used in cooking instead of instead of a baking powder for dough, but it also helps to clean soot from the fireplace.

In order to prepare a cleaning agent from tartar, take 2 tablespoons of the powder and add a little water. Put the paste on the sooty areas and leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. If desired, cream can be replaced with salt. And do not prepare a lot of cleaning pasta at once, so that later you do not have to throw out the excess.

The fireplace in the living room is beautiful, but the “smoked” fireplace looks unpresentable and can negate all your efforts to decorate the interior. If you want your fireplace to always be beautiful, regularly clean it from soot. And try to heat it with aspen wood once every 2 weeks. They give little heat, but it is noticed that they well clean the chimney from soot.

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