Go Inside Mohamed Hadid’s Mansion – Video Tour

“Hadid has gone from selling classic cars to creating hotels and office buildings worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He has five hotels across the country, including The Ritz-Carlton in Washington, New York and Aspen, Colorado, where he defeated New York businessman Donald Trump in the fight for the right to build.

“He is the American model of success” friends say about him. This is indeed so. Hadid has homes in Maclean and Aspen in addition to a estate on the east coast of Maryland. There is a private plane, which he also controls. In the garage of Hadid Mercedes and Rolls-Royce. He dresses beautifully and loves expensive things. Hadid estimates his capital at $ 90 million and boasts influential business partners.

mohamed hadid with gigi and bella

However, the climb of Hadid to Olympus was not without difficulties. Over the past few years, he has had to repel a series of 30 lawsuits from creditors and banks accusing him of defaulting on financial obligations. ”

These are excerpts from the article “Who is Mohamed Hadid?”, Published in The Washington Post in April 1989. Thirty years passed, and in essence, little has changed in Hadid’s life. He still concludes multimillion-dollar transactions, loves luxury and is faced with claims against him. Unless he had more money – five times compared to the end of the 80s: Hadid is now “worth” 400 million.

And of course, the media fame of Hadid has seriously grown: the public knows him primarily as the father of the “same” sisters Hadid, Bella and Gigi.

Real estate tycoon Mohammed Hadid, father of models Gigi and Bella Hadid, has been living on a grand estate in Bel Air, Los Angeles for several years. There is no doubt that Jiji Hadid lived in it for some time. The level of luxury is off the charts. The price for the house of Mohammed Hadid is also impressive – $ 85 million.

mansion mohamed hadid

The house is so gorgeous that it has its own name and music website, not to mention the large ballroom and the wine cellar for 5,000 bottles. The name is Le Belvedere estate or the original Le Belvédère. The estate was built by Mohammed Hadid himself, the father of Gigi. In 2010, he sold the estate to a foreign buyer for $ 50 million, but the new owner never moved here. Since then, Mohammed Hadid has been living here, renting it from the new owner.

The home of Mohammed Hadid in Bel Air is an example of oriental luxury. It has 10 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a ballroom, an indoor pool and a banquet hall for 200 – 250 people.


It also has a Moroccan room, an elevator, a Turkish bath, a cinema, a swan pond and rose gardens. There is a separate guard house on the territory, and several limousines can fit in the garage. In the spa courtyard, several pools, including a 70-meter infinity pool, a kitchen with a pizza oven, a fireplace and a dining room under a canopy for banquets for 100 guests. The living area of ​​this mega estate is almost 3 720 square meters

You can see how and where to live the best TOP models Bella and GiGi Hadid, their own rooms on the video. If you ever wanted to live like Mohamed Hadid, now is your chance. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pal’s famed residence, Le Belvédère, is currently on the market for $85 million, according to the Wall Street Journal via Architectural Digest. As the legend goes, Mohamed sold the home back in 2010 for $50 million. Those buyers never moved in so he and his longtime love, Shiva Safai, have been leasing the opulent home for the past six years.

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